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Ina Bearings Application

The German INA bearing products involved industries including: agricultural machinery industry, construction industry, water and wind power engineering industry,engineering machinery, machine tool manufacturing industry and mechanical industry, material handling and packaging industry, port engineering industry, electric tool industry, gearbox industry, semiconductor industry, pump and fan industry, industrial robots and automation industry, rubber, plastic and chemical industry, textile industry, tractor industry, woodworking machinery industry. In these industries, Germany INA bearings have been widely used.Exquisite rolling bearing technology, advanced technology production factories, superior quality standard, these make the INA bearing renowned and enduring all around the world. This has been fully demonstrated in millions upon millions times of the practical application. INA bearing products are reliable mechanical parts combined both costs and benefits.INA products provide variety of different size series for rotary motion and linear motion and even provide variety of special technology. INA provides different size series products for various special technology, provide praiseworthy technical support for various designers of different line.